15 Gold Fun Facts

Published On July 12, 2018 | By William Thomas | Business

You’ve probably heard about how gold is the best investment you can make. But there is more to love about gold. There was once a time when gold was fun to look for and to have. It still is. Here are some fun facts about gold:

#1. Almost all of earth’s gold came from meteorites that fell to the earth some 200 million years after its formation.

#2. There is gold in the sea too. There is about 25 tons of gold in every cubic mile of water in the sea. That is a lot of gold. Unfortunately there is no known economical way to recover it.  

#3. Gold occurs everywhere in the world, but the largest concentration of gold is in the Witwatersrand area of South Africa. Nearly half of world’s gold was mined out from there.  

#4. Of all the metals, gold is the only one that is truly yellow. Other metals only develop a yellow hue when they are oxidized

#5. The largest gold nugget that ever found in Australia, The Welcome Stranger was found in Moliagul, Victoria in 1869. It weighed 78kg or 2,520 Troy ounces. It was found by John Deason and Richard Oates and sold to Melbourne gold buyers who sold it to London Chartered Bank of Australia. The nugget was cut up, melted and sent to the Bank of England.

#6. Gold nuggets are rare. It is easier to find a five-carat diamond than it is to find a gold nugget that weighs one ounce.  

#7. The amount of gold that has been mined all over the world can fit into three Olympic-sized swimming pools.  

#8. Because of its value and precious nature, gold is often kept in small quantities. The biggest piece of gold in the world weighs 250kg which means it weighs 8,037.585 troy ounces. This record breaking gold  Mitsubishi Materials Corporation of Japan in 2005. The gold bar measures 17.9″ x 8.9″ x 6.7″. At the current prices, the gold bar is now worth over $10 million.

#9. Gold is believed to be non toxic. Gold flakes can be used in food and drinks. High purity gold is tasteless and odourless so it is a safe garnish to any dish.

#10. The human body has an average 0.2 kilograms of gold in the blood.

#11. Gold is the extremely malleable. An ounce of gold can be beaten into such thin sheets that you would have 200,000 sheets of gold an inch high.

#12. An ounce or 28 grams can be drawn into an 8 kilometre long wire.

#13. Gold is referred as a noble metal. It does not react with air, moisture or acids.

#14. Gold has many other uses besides jewellery. it is also used in electrical wiring, electronics, dentistry, medicine, radiation and more.

#15. The only other planet where gold is found is the sun.

Gold has been the hallmark of wealth and luxury for years. It continues to capture the imagination of people all over the world. The best thing about gold in this uncertain world is that it seems to have staying power. You can weather the economic storms and political upheavals and come out stronger. You can take your gold to Melbourne gold buyers whenever you need to turn it into cash to take care of those unforeseen financial emergencies.

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