Hydroponic Nutrient Tips for Beginners

Published On February 3, 2018 | By William Thomas | Business

One thing in which all hydroponic systems have in common is that they use nutrient solutions such as those available from canna nutrients. However, although all systems use hydroponics nutrients it has come to our attention that many hydroponic beginners do not know how to utilise in the best ways in order to receive the greatest results.

If you are looking to keep a healthy and potent nutrient reservoir in your hydroponic environment keep on ready… Today we are going to be provided some great, expert tips!

Nutrient Solution Top Tips


  • If you are using chlorinated tap water for your nutrient reservoir you should let the water sit for a day in order to dissipate chlorine
  • Once you have added nutrients to your nutrient reservoir you should let it rest for a couple of hours before checking PH levels as these are often not correct straight away. Optimum PH levels are in between 5.5 and 6.5.
  • Nutrient solutions should be between 65 and 75 degrees. You may find that you need to insulate your reservoir as how solutions can breed bacteria and cause damage to render roots. If you are going to be hydroponic growing on a regular basis is could be worth you investing in a chiller.
  • Your nutrient solutions must be aerated 24/7 in order of keep down the anaerobic bacteria and oxygenate roots. For this you can use an inexpensive aquarium pump.

Reservoir Tips


  • You should go out and buy a cheap floating aquarium thermometer and put this in your reservoir so that you can keep an eye on temperatures. Remember to tie this to your tubing so that you can find it easily.
  • You can place your pump in a strainer bag or in a nylon hose so that debris is locked out.
  • To cut down algae and bacteria growth you can place a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in your reservoir each week.

Mixing Your First Batch


When making your first batch of nutrient solution you should not straight away mix everything together. Instead add each component one by one into water, stirring in-between. Always follow the instructions that you get with your chosen nutrient solutions as best practices can vary slightly from each nutrient solution to another.

Topping Up the Reservoir


The level of solutions in your reservoir is bound to drop due to plant uptake and evaporation. To combat this issue you will have to top it up every 3-4 days. When topping this up you only need to add water and NOT nutrient solution – This is because only water evaporates therefore the minerals in your reservoir will still be present.

When you need a New Batch


When you have replaced half of the original solutions amount by topping up, you should stop topping up your reservoir and instead create a new batch of solution. Empty your reservoir and put your new batch in.




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