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Published On March 5, 2018 | By William Thomas | Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful enough and constantly worrying about blowing your budget. But just because you’re not getting married at Fulham Palace, it doesn’t mean your flowers can’t look like a million dollars without costing as much. Any venue for wedding will look incredible, if it is covered in lovely blooms and the incredible scent that will be coming from the flowers. If you want your wedding ceremony and reception to look wonderful with full of flowers, then it is going to cost you huge amount. So, here are some clever tips that will show how you can save money on your wedding without having to compromise much.

  1. Book flowers online

Nowadays each & everything can be ordered online. Yes, it is possible you don’t need to come out of your comfort zone by one click you can place your perfect order. Also you can order wedding flowers online as well as you can select flower types, designs & arrangements etc. Take a look at VoucherArena which provides Serenata Flowers Discount Code by which you can select best wedding flowers at discounted rate & be one step ahead. Also you will get benefits like flowers are coming from nearby wedding location so that flowers are fresh when they arrive; they are able to tell you the types of arrangements’ that works best with your chosen venue. So, basically you don’t need to rush for making a decision.

2.    The Seasonal Flowers

There is nothing better to choose seasonal flowers as wedding flowers. Seasonal flowers are available at many florists while you put on your favourite flowers. Get information about which beautiful blooms are in the season around your wedding date, and impress florist when you come in with your suggestions.

  1. Simple equals to Saving

If you have selected complicated designs for decorating, accordingly your florist has to spend many hours for creating complicated arrangements. For that florist will surely charge you more. Instead of it a simple hand-tied bunch of flowers will attract much more then complicated design. And you can try something new with bouquets while arrangements.

  1. Try Big

When it comes to decorate a hall or a palace size matters lot. If venue is quiet big then the numbers of flowers are required to decor the place. So instead of using small flowers like Iris, Rose Geraniums try little big flowers like Ranunculus, Delphinium, Calla Lily, Zinnia etc. This will mainly help you to save money, because the bigger wedding flowers, the fewer flowers you need and the less money you’ll have to spend.

5.    Go Green

You can include more flowers, leafs of plants which will help to look beautiful and traditional wedding forever. Use greenery in your arrangements whenever possible. There are many options like leafy garlands, herbaceous bridesmaid bouquets and woodland like ferns etc. will help in your arrangements without sacrificing style. Use flowers as your first priority. Place some at the bar and on the central table will draw the eye and this will make the room filled with fragrance of flowers and only flowers. When actually there’s a lot of space.

  1. Sharing is caring

Instead of using many bouquets and other wired flower arrangements you should go for the potted plants. I must say, this is the one of the best way to save on your wedding flowers. These flowering plants can be used brilliantly as centrepieces on tables & also can make long-lasting, remembrance thank you gift for your family members & friends in the occasion. It win win situation for you.

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