Should You Install A Room Dividing Fireplace?  

Published On February 12, 2018 | By William Thomas | Home Improvement

When walking into a room in any home, the focal point can easily be a fireplace. The cozy heating system has a way of bringing an entire room together unlike any other piece. The traditional fireplace is a great option for single rooms like a family room or bedroom. The distinct four walls can keep the heat contained while providing a wall for the fireplace to be installed. But, what about those rooms that are more open with less distinctive separators. For example, how would you install a fire place in a family room that flows into the dinning room in an open layout way? The solution for open layout rooms where you still want to enjoy the cozy feeling of a fireplace is a room divider fireplace. They allow you to break up the space in a beautiful way while enjoying all the warmth that a fireplace has to offer. Also, any guest that you have in your home will immediately be drawn to the new focal point of that room.

Aside from dividing your space in a beautiful way, this type of fire place has many benefits. Consider the following benefits when deciding if a divider fireplace is the right one for your home.

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Heat Large Rooms Efficiently

One of the draw backs of more traditional fireplaces is that they only have the ability to heat the room of which they are installed. It’s not really realistic to try to heat more than that with a classic fireplace. Also, the fireplace may not heat the entirety of a space that is larger than most. However, with a double sided room divider fireplace, you will notice that larger rooms heat up quicker and stay that way for longer. The heat distribution will ideal for larger rooms.

Total Customization

Whether it is a fireplace or a new couch, every piece in your home should represent your personal style and aim to blend with the overall existing aesthetic. Many people assume that fireplaces are not included in this. However, divider fireplaces can be customized to fit into just about any decor. While you can definitely choose a classic brick design, there is an incredible amount of materials, trims, and designs available.

Cost Efficient For Large Spaces

If you have a large open space where you want to incorporate fireplaces, a dividing fireplace may be the solution as opposed to installing 2 separate units. It will save you a few dollars and the look of a room dividing fireplace is simply not comparable.


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