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Introducing a game-changing FREE-TO-PLAY experience - Call of Duty?: Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most promising multiplayer video games despite being new on the scene. It was released just March of this year but is now gathering millions of players online. This is because of its player-friendly mechanics which gamers love the most. First Person Shooter (FPS) games usually follows the “you’re dead, you’re out” rule which is an inconvenience to almost all players since nobody wants to waste their time being idle until the game ends. Hence, Call of Duty: Warzone is providing alternatives in order to keep the players enjoy match despite being dead. This advantage can be experienced in both modes of Warzone which are Battle Royale and Plunder.

Battle Royale’s main objective is to survive longer than the other 49 teams. This can be done by slaying your enemies, fulfilling your contracts, and looting items. Once dead, you can still have a chance of coming back to your team if you win the one-on-one battle against another defeated player in gulag. There are actually a lot of strategies you can use in order to stay alive during the match. These are:

  • All members of your team should agree on the same location upon landing since a team that lands together, survives together. Splitting up will only decrease your chances of survival.
  • Ping and call out your teammates’ attention on loot location, enemy movements, and where you’re headed.
  • Leave no one behind if you’ll have a ride or need to leave an area.
  • This game is a teamgame so it is important to be a team player.
  • Don’t back down easily after being eliminated as your squadmates have still the ability of reviving you.
  • Share what you have to your team since it can benefit all of you.
  • The most important thing to do in order to survive is to revive your fallen teammate since a team is more powerful when all members are present.


Plunder is actually similar to Battle Royale except that cash is of the essence rather than just staying alive. The only thing that determines the winner under this mode is the team who gathers $1million first. You don’t need to worry about reviving tho since you will be automatically resurrected once you die however, you’ll lose a percentage of your cash upon death. You can either collect or protect your cash by:

  • Completing all your contracts because it really give you massive payouts.
  • Loot inside unopened supply boxes  because it’s the easiest way of gaining cash.
  • Check your Tac Map in order to locate high valued targets. These targets carry most cash hence attacking them can give you more loots.
  • Banks are the main source of monies thus robbing them can really give you an ample amount of cash.
  • Protect your cash at all costs! This can however be difficult than just gaining cash but it’s worth it.
  • Deposit your cash in cash deposit balloons or deposit sites to reduce your cash on hand.


Other than these tips, most players also uses Warzone cheats to easily win the game. These cheats enable them to experience a lot of advantages than any other team. You should however be careful in using hacks because you might suffer major consequences once caught.


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