When Do You Need to Hire Cleaning and Disinfecting Services?

Published On August 18, 2023 | By William Thomas | Home Improvement

Assure that all cleaning and disinfecting services you hire are registered, bonded, and insured before selecting one for your organization. Inquire about the cost and frequency of services offered before deciding on one for the crew.

Disinfecting services provide a hassle-free solution to keeping your business clean and sanitary without interfering with its operations. Here are five indicators that it’s time to bring them on board:

High-traffic areas

Maintaining a sanitary and uninfested workplace environment is of the utmost importance in any business that interacts directly with its customers, such as hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces. Hiring professional disinfection services is one way of guaranteeing the health and well-being of employees and visitors alike.

High-traffic areas can quickly become dirty, dusty, and germ-filled spaces due to constant use by more people and foot traffic than other parts of a property. They require frequent cleaning due to these factors.

Standard cleaning services typically involve sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping surfaces; emptying trash cans; wiping down appliances; and disinfecting fixtures. Professional disinfection services offer more thorough services that ensure all areas are fully covered, such as replacing trashcan liners as needed and wiping down kitchen counters before sanitizing all commonly used items, such as point-of-sale keyboards and carpets in a facility.

High-risk areas

If your building houses a medical facility, additional disinfection regulations may need to be observed beyond CDC recommendations. Sanitizing and disinfecting high-touch points such as desks, light switches, and doors is especially crucial; these must be free from COVID-19 germs to ensure optimal hygiene standards are upheld.

Numerous companies advertise cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services; finding exemplary service depends on your unique situation. When searching for cleaning companies specializing in environmental health and safety, pathogen decontamination, biohazard cleanups, or biohazard cleanups, you should look for one with experience in these areas, as they should provide comprehensive reports detailing their work process and outcomes.

Disinfectant cleaning services differ from standard, deep, and janitorial services in that they kill germs that can spread on surfaces through cleaning alone, reducing their numbers. Therefore, hiring disinfectant services during coronavirus pandemic outbreaks, particularly in urban settings like NYC businesses and residences, becomes essential.

High-traffic floors

High-traffic areas can quickly become overwhelmed with dirt, dust, and debris, impacting their appearance and making them slippery or unsafe. Routine maintenance in these areas can reduce soil buildup while prolonging the life of flooring; for this, thorough cleaning and disinfecting services must take place using appropriate products and tools for different types of floors, along with color-coded tools to avoid cross-contamination. A professional commercial cleaning company can offer these services and should use color-coded cleaning supplies and tools to prevent cross-contamination from killing bacteria; For this purpose, using appropriate solutions and equipment dedicated to each type of floor would ensure proper cleaning and disinfection processes, ensuring bacteria kill. Professional commercial cleaning and disinfecting services offer these services, using solutions tailored specifically to each type of flooring as well as color-coded tools and supplies to avoid cross-contamination occurring. These services must also implement color-coded cleaning tools and supplies to prevent cross-contamination occurring accidentally during an accidental spillover situation, requiring cleaning supplies and equipment dedicated to preventing cross contamination occurring unknowingly during a cleaning service provider’s routine services by using color-coding of tools/supplies.

Foot traffic at a facility will determine how often its floors need to be cleaned. High-traffic areas may require daily vacuuming and sweeping to avoid accumulating dirt or moisture that damages floors. In contrast, in others, matting systems can capture much of this unwanted dirt – potentially saving on costly cleaning and repair expenses.

High-traffic walls

High-traffic areas don’t just affect floors; walls can also become susceptible to smudges, handprints, and accidental bumps from furniture. The surfaces most likely affected are those in dining rooms near entryways or chair rails and outdoor spaces like porches and patios that experience frequent wear-and-tear due to regular usage or weather exposure. When selecting paint for these high-traffic spaces, it can be tricky to find one with durable properties, an appealing finish, and ease of maintenance for touch-ups; high gloss paints may provide all three goals simultaneously. High – high gloss paints are often recommended because of these properties, as high-gloss paints offer glossy looks while being easy to keep clean.

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