10 tips to modernise the living room

Published On April 22, 2019 | By William Thomas | Business

Does your living room look tired or dated? Are you thinking about updating your living room to give it a new modern look? If you are, here are ten ideas to get you started.

10. Natural Light
Consider making the most of any natural light coming into your living room. Avoid the use of heavy drapes and dark colours. Instead, replace them with lighter curtains or blinds.

9. De-Clutter
Sometimes accessories and ornaments can mean a room no longer looks its best. To reduce the clutter, why not remove anything that makes the room appear dated. Free of clutter, a modern living room can look clean, light, and airy.

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8. Add Mirrors
Mirrors allow you to change the look and feel of the living room. If you want the room to appear bigger then adding mirrors will help. Also, mirrors placed on walls opposite windows can reflect the light and make a room seem brighter.

7. Colour Schemes
If the colours of your living room are no longer to your taste, change them. In choosing a new colour scheme, walls don’t have to be the same colour. You could, for example, consider painting the walls in bold contrasting colours.

6. Add Rugs
A rug can enhance the look of your living room. Adding one that suits the space and colour scheme does not have to cost you a fortune. You should, however, make sure that the rug is neither too large nor too small for the room.

5. Get Organised
If you’re someone who leaves things like remotes, books, and magazines lying around, you may want to do something about this. Try adding new furniture that includes storage space. Apart from being modern; it also allows you to organise things better.

4. Repaint the Furniture
Rather than replace furniture in your living room, you could repaint it. Repainting wooden furniture, for example, to match your colour scheme could give it a whole new lease of life.

3. Change the Layout
In a modern living room, doing things the traditional way doesn’t have to be the case. Why not change the layout of the room? For example, does the sofa always have to be in front of the fireplace? Moving things around could give your living room a different feel.

2. Gloss Extending Dining Table
If you like entertaining, you might want to consider a new dining table. If space is an issue, you could add an extending table. Likewise, adding a gloss extending dining table would also help reflect light and make the living room appear more inviting – shop furniture now.

1. Lighting
If you’re after a quick update, one option is to install new, modern and effective lighting in the living room. For example, to transform the living room you could put a long floor lamp in the corner of the room.


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