3 Ways Pets Help Improve Your Health

Published On June 11, 2018 | By William Thomas | Health

The truth is that animals help to bring humans a lot of joy. The following few paragraphs will examine ways pets can help to improve your health. Whether it’s a dog wagging his/her entire body with excitement when you arrive home, a cat that acknowledges his/her owner with a hearty ‘meow’, or the bond that exists between a horse and its rider, interacting with pets provides a lot of happiness.

Besides providing pure joy, there are numerous other ways pets help to improve your health. According to the RSPCA, Australia has the highest pet ownership rates globally. Pets are actually very positive influences on the lives of many Australians. According to one study, Australian ownership of dogs and cats helped save about $3.86 billion in health expenditure over 1 year.

The topic has been written about previously by House Call Doctors in a piece about puppy therapy and the science behind it. The following is a more in-depth exploration of this topic along with other ways that pets help to improve people’s lives.

3 Ways That Pet Help to Improve Your Health

  1. Interactions with Animals Releases Endorphins (Feel-Good Hormones)

Pets are some of the greatest endorphin stimulants. The brain naturally releases endorphins that promote a sense of wellbeing. Endorphins are the same hormones that are released when a person works out, a natural high the one might feel after a great run.

The Happiness Institute’s Dr. Timothy Sharp believes that pets have a greater place in people’s lives since they can contribute positively to their emotional state. Dr. Sharp said that when people cuddle, stroke, and talk to pets, scientific research shows that endorphins are released and the blood pressure and heart rate is lowered.

  1. Pets Help Fulfil People’s Need for Affection

Humans require affection. Whether it is snuggling with their partners, hugs, or just plain handshakes, there’s something powerful about having physical contact with a fellow human. Pets also help to fulfil this need.

Mimi O’Connor, animal lover and counsellor says that a strong human-to-animal bond is incredibly therapeutic. Only a handful of things are actually comparable to the spontaneous lift, the brightening of spirits one feels once he/she arrives home at the end of a long day to be greeted by a devoted and loving pet, she added.

  1. Pets Give Us Purpose

Health Direct says that pets provide humans with a sense of purpose. This can be very helpful for people struggling with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. If you have a pet, you will never be alone and you have the responsibility of caring for them.

Having a structured routine is critical to managing mental health conditions. A routine includes things such as getting up and going to bed at a similar time each day, regular exercise, and having 3 meals each day. Having a pet is an excellent way to add structure to your day; feed him/her at the same time each day and take him/her for walks daily.

Don’t have a pet? That’s perfectly okay

For people not fortunate enough to own a pet, there are other ways. Obviously, you could get some animal time with the pets belonging to your friends and family, but if this isn’t an option you should consider becoming a pet sitter. You might even earn some extra money in exchange for some pet therapy.

Mad Paws is a start-up that’s run by Australians that connects the owners of pets with people in their local area capable of looking after them. If you are able to pass the application process, you may start caring for other people’s pets when they are away on holidays.

RSPCA Queensland is always in need of volunteers. The charity has various roles to fill, including foster carer if you have the space for a temporary pet.

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