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Published On January 23, 2015 | By William Thomas | Business

A car accident victim living in British Columbia will be faced with a dilemma of what option should he choose, should he hire a car accident lawyer in Vancouver or should he directly launch his claim to the Insurance Corporation of British Colombia. Lawyers believe that such a victim should call in a lawyer; they argue that there are a wide variety of benefits to get from the decision of picking a lawyer. Lawyers have vast knowledge in representing and arguing cases such as of auto accidents hence choosing one would be advantageous. They explain the benefits to include the following:

A. Lawyers protect someone’s rights and interests
Most lawyers explain that ICBC gents maybe professional and friendly but they will be looking out for the interests of their corporation thus there main goal will be to ensure one gets the lowest amount in terms of compensation. On the contrary a lawyer will ensure you fully understand your rights and he will be looking out for your maximum benefits. He will advise accordingly on what measures you should take to get the full compensation from the insurance corporation. He will be simply fighting for your best interests and thus he will be willing to even file law suits against ICBC for you to get your maximum compensation.

  1. Lawyers are knowledgeable in terms of launching claims 

Lawyers are professionals in the field of insurance covers and law suits concerning the same. Hence when a victim chooses a lawyer to represent his or her case he can be sure that all files required to be filed with either ICBC or the Supreme Court of British are submitted in due time. This is because the lawyers are conversant with all the timelines.

  1. Lawyers are best suited to gather all evidence.

Lawyers are conversant with matters investigation. Therefore, having a lawyer represent your case one will be confident that all evidence will be gathered. Most lawyers in British have vast experience handling ICBC hence they believe calling a lawyer to represent will ensure you launch a watertight claim.

  1. Lawyers have strong professional links with other experts

For instance if a driver got into an head on collision with another, the case would be contested on the lines of whose fault it was. Consulting an experienced reconstruction expert would come in handy. This will greatly help in pursuing a victim’s compensation.

  1. Lawyers will seek for your maximum just compensation 

A lawyer is knowledgeable of all ICBC policy cover and hence by looking at your full ICBC policy cover he will be able to present a full demand for a maximum settlement.

  1. Lawyers will represent you in court rooms 

At other times, ICBC may refuse to give a reasonable demanded agreement. Hence having a lawyer will come in handy since he will represent you in the nest step which is legal challenge before a Jury. A lawyer with courtroom experience will be an advantage.

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