Five most expensive places to buy property on Isle of Sheppey

Published On July 11, 2021 | By William Thomas | Real Estate

5. Warden

The small holiday village of Warden is on the northeast coast of the Isle of Sheppey. Warden Bay is the largest residential part of Warden. There is also Warden Point which is the area where there are lots of cliffs and where the beach becomes inaccessible. In the past the village was also known as Warne. During the time covered by the Domesday Survey the region was controlled by the Manor of Milton. However the Savage family was the owners from 1272 to 1307 during the reign of King Edward I. A property in the Isle of Sheppey can cost as much as £300,000.

4. Queenborough

The small town of Queenborough is located on the Isle of Sheppey which is in the Swale borough of Kent. Sheerness is only two miles from Queenborough and it had its origin as a port near the Thames Estuary. This is at the westward entrance to the Swale at the point where it joins the River Medway. There are moorings available in Queenborough Harbour between the Thames and Medway. Queenborough is accessible during any phase of the incoming or outgoing tide. Prospective property buyers can expect to pay £320,000.

3. Halfway

Halfway is a suburb of the town of Sheerness which lies beside the mouth of the River Medway. This is in the north-west corner of the Isle of Sheppey and there are 12,000 residents in this town which makes Sheerness the largest town on the island. A fort was constructed here in the 16th century. Its purpose was to protect the River Medway from possible attack from a fleet of hostile ships. The town gradually developed around the fort. Later in the 16th century there followed a dockyard which provided a facility which could be used to repair and load warships. People can purchase properties quickly in Halfway for around £500,000.

2. Minster-on-Sea

The civil parish of Minster-on-Sea is located in the English county of Kent. All of this is on the Isle of Sheppey and it is part of the borough of Swale which came into existence in 2003. The vast majority of residents live in seaside town of Minster which is on the north coast. The reason is that the southern part is mostly marshland and this is also where the village of Elmley which is now completely deserted. In this region properties sell for approximately £520,000.

1. Eastchurch

The little town of Eastchurch has the honor of been the home of British aviation because this is where the first controlled flight on British soil took place. Since then Eastchurch airfield has played an vital role in the history of British aviation and this started in 1909 which was also the time that Stonepits Farm was acquired by Frank McClean which is located on the marshes of Leysdown. That land was converted into an airfield which was used by members of the Aero Club of Great Britain. Property buyers can expect to pay as much as £650,000.


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