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Published On December 9, 2020 | By William Thomas | Technology

Annual HONOR digital series is the signboard of HONOR mobile phones. But the smartphone industry is hot. The competition between smart phones is getting fiercer year by year. It once was the competition of configuration. Then it to the competition of cutting-edge technologies. Buying HONOR smartphones can bring you a lot. Both high-performance experience and great appearance. Of course, it uses many black technologies. Users are fond of this.

HONOR 20 is a digital flagship machine. It has a very excellent configuration. The front of HONOR 20 has a 6.26-inch FHD + full video screen. It hides the camera under the screen. The camera under the screen is on the left side of the signal bar in the upper left corner of the screen. That camera avoids the core area of the screen display. HONOR 20 has the smallest proactive perforation area at present. Its screen proportion is as high as 91.7%. You can feel the extreme immersive full screen experience.

It has narrow border and high screen percentage. HONOR 20 benefits from these. These makes a 6.26-inch mobile phone like a traditional 5.3-inch mobile phone. It is not bulky at all. The back adopts dreamland texture layer. It has so-called dreamland texture. HONOR use more precise machining molds for the fabrication of dreamland texture layer diaphragms. This kind of mold has a more precise “sharp peak angle”.

HONOR 20 combines the fingerprint unlocking key with the side power supply key. It makes fingerprint unlocking an operation without thinking. The fingerprint key design of HONOR 20 conforms to ergonomic design. The concave design fits the curved surface of the thumb belly. Reduce direct impact on keys when falling. No fingerprint keys on the front and back of the mobile phone ensures the integrity and simplicity of the whole machine. At the same time, pressing the key 1S for a long time can wake up YOYO assistant. HONOR 20 series support double unlocking of face unlocking and fingerprint identification. It also supports eye-closing recognition. Phone remains lock when eyes are closed. Make your mobile phone information safer.

In terms of endurance, HONOR 20 carries a 3750mAh large battery. It has 22.5 W HONOR super charge. You can charge phone with 50% of the electricity in 30 minutes. Let you say goodbye to the anxiety of electricity from now on.

HONOR 20 uses the latest GPU Turbo 3.0 technology. It can maximize the function of the 980 cores. The SoC power consumption of GPU Turbo3.0 technology has decreased by an average of 10%. It further improves the performance of mobile phones. The game runs in a state close to full frame. The picture is more stable and smooth. There is also HiTouch touch optimization. It can significantly reduce click delay and slide delay. It greatly improved Tthe click accuracy. It improved the control and chirality.

HONOR 20 also has the recently popular Ark compiler. Thanks to the Ark compiler. The performance of HONOR 20 has improved in an all-round way.

HONOR 20 can be a mature and robust work with high-end systems. It has the flagship processor. It employs the combination of ultra-high pixel front and rear four cameras. They are all conscience configuration. The performance of the system experience is remarkable.


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