How to transport vehicles abroad?

Published On September 2, 2020 | By William Thomas | Business

For those who wish to move from country to country and not leave their vehicle behind, several considerations must be made to obtain the best cost-benefit when hiring this type of service from It is necessary to understand that meeting this type of demand is not something simple, as it requires a lot of planning and great domain of the carrier on the subject. Therefore, for those who want to transport vehicles abroad, it is essential to analyze many points and get organized.

Identify your need

The first step in starting your planning for shipping vehicles abroad is to define your need. It is necessary to understand how, when and under what conditions you need to receive your car or motorcycle abroad, if there is a simpler way to carry out the transport and how much money you are willing to invest. These items are important to calculate the value and the best way to ship your vehicle.

Know the modalities

When transporting vehicles abroad, it is important to understand how each modality can interfere with the freight issue. Knowing what options you have, it is easier to define the best way to hire the service. In the case of shipments within national territory, the companies offer the transport of vehicles by stork truck. When transport is done by road, it is much simpler to carry out the loading and unloading of vehicles. It is easier to ensure safety. With constant freight availability, it is faster to meet recurring demand and offer more competitive prices.

Another alternative is the air transport of vehicles, a modality that aims to serve customers who need fast, punctual and safe delivery. Carried out exclusively via cargo planes, carriers offer exclusive or charter operations, using the main airports for landings and take-offs. Companies that transport vehicles abroad usually use two ways to charge for the service: freight collect and prepaid freight.

Sea routes for shipping

Container is considered the simplest way to transport a car, motorcycle or vessel, the rental of a container is possible through any port in the world, facilitating the sending and receiving of your vehicle Roll in-Roll Out consists of sending your car through a gigantic ship, where the vehicles remain parked in the yard throughout the journey. This modality is mainly used for new cars that are being exported or imported by large automakers. Ferries are used for short distances, leasing ferries to transport vehicles is also very common and less bureaucratic. It is necessary to find out about the availability of this type of transport.


Unlike using a road transport service, sending a vehicle abroad requires different types and modes of freight, which have unique characteristics and need to be very well analyzed. As an advantageous option for the logistics of companies, it is very common for the customer to end up paying exorbitant amounts for the service, mainly due to lack of information. Always get in touch with professional shipping abroad services to get more satisfaction.

Now that you know more about this subject, evaluate carriers carefully, check their risk management processes and ensure that your vehicle is transported abroad safely and efficiently.


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