Know About the Main Types of Achilles tendinitis

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Sports injuries are often serious and can cause various conditions. One of such common condition is Achilles tendinitis [ เอ็น ร้อยหวาย อักเสบ, which is the term in Thai] where the tendon that runs down the back of the human leg suffers from irritation and inflammation. The condition mostly happens with the runners who have suddenly increased the duration or intensity of the runs. It can also happen if you are middle-aged and playing sports like basketball and tennis occasionally. 

Types of tendinitis

In simple language, tendonitis is an inflammation of a tendon. As inflammation is your body’s natural response to any trauma or injury, there will be a pain, irritation, and swelling in the region. There are two types of this particular tendinitis.

  • Non-insertional Achilles tendinitis

In this type of tendinitis, there is a breakdown of the fibers present at the middle portion of your tendon. There will e multiple tiny tears, degenerations to be more accurate, along with swelling and thickening. 

Tendinitis at the middle portion of the tendon will commonly affect younger and the active people

  • Insertional Achilles tendinitis

Insertional Achilles tendinitis involves the lower part of your heel where the tendon attaches to the heel bone. 

  • In both the above cases, there is a chance of hardening or calcification of the damaged tendon fibres. 
  • Bone spurs or extra growth of bones will often occur in the case of the insertional type. 
  • Tendinitis affecting the insertion point of the tendon can occur at any time and even in patients who are not at all active. 


The condition is not always the direct result of an injury. It results from repetitive stress to your tendons. The problem arises when you try to push yourself to do much physical exercise within a short time. You have to consult the doctor for treatment.

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