Looking to Ship Your Car for Long-Distance – Know the Five Simple Steps

Published On May 6, 2021 | By William Thomas | Automotive

Maintaining logistics while moving to a new location is overwhelming, particularly if you want to transport a car. You have to make arrangements ahead because transporting a car is not simple as sending a letter.

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The following are a few tips that help you in moving your car successfully without any problems.

Make arrangements ahead

Always, it’s good to make the preparations ahead. In case, you want to ship the vehicle on a particular date, check with the transporting service immediately. With this, you can make sure of the availability and choose the one within your budget.

If you have the flexibility to choose a date, take advantage and choose unusual times, unlike weekends, summertime, or 30th or 1st of the month. By selecting dates during winter or fall and mid of month, you can minimize the premium costs and save money.

Before finalizing the agreement, look at the contract of the company you have chosen and understand it. Also, check your vehicle insurance policy to know what is in it.

How to Ship Your Car Across Country When You Are Moving

Choose an experienced shipping company

Professional shipping service will have the abilities, tools, and vehicles to handle your car with care. They will have experience in shipping vehicles long-distance. Moving vehicles across states is different from shipping few miles, so you have to be very careful while choosing a shipping service.

The shipping cost of a vehicle varies from one company to the other. Also, it differs depending on the personalized needs. Before making a decision, get the quotes and discuss the specialty issues.

Choose a convenient route

Discuss with the movers about the routes to reach the destination. Avoid steep terrains, valleys, and mountains because they will damage your vehicle and the company charges more to travel in those routes.

Clean your car and empty the tank

Before shipping your car, clean it thoroughly. Look at the miscellaneous items scattered in the car as they can damage it while moving. By cleaning the exterior of your car, you can identify it and notice the defects or damages.

Before moving the car to the shipping service, get the fuel low or empty as it doesn’t need fuel. By this, the vehicle weighs less, and you can save a few dollars. Also, you can avoid leakage, accidents, and other problems.

Take photos of your car

Most shipping services recommend you to take photos of your car to document the present condition of the car. If damages occur while transporting your car, you can use it as proof to collect the amount for repairs.

Don’t forget to inspect your car both before and after shipping. Notice the missed or damaged liability, and make sure whether everything is in condition or not. Gather information about the shipping company that offers high-quality services and get a quote today to move your car.

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