Selecting the “Right” Social Platforms for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Published On December 25, 2021 | By William Thomas | Business

It’s 2022, and almost every company, irrespective of its industry or scale of operations, has a social media presence. That’s because using social media platforms as marketing tools is cheap, easy, and risk-free. But, these qualities of social media platforms also make them super-competitive. Since social media marketing can be done by anyone, anywhere – top brands dominate major social media platforms. These brands have the resources to boost their visibility on a variety of social media platforms. Smaller companies, of course, can’t launch expensive paid campaigns or launch partnerships with major social media companies. That’s why small business owners need to be extra strategic when selecting social media platforms to launch their marketing campaigns. Promoting your brand on which platform will maximize your results? Here’s how smart digital marketing experts select appropriate platforms for their client’s social media campaigns.

Platform Review – Which Platform is Ideal for Your Target Audience and Niche? 

Review different social media platforms to understand how each platform works. What types of users are there on each platform? What type of content is consumed on these platforms? Are your target audience members present on these platforms? On which social media platforms do these target consumers spend most of their time? Address these questions after researching the content on all major social media platforms. More importantly, review your target audience’s behavior on these platforms. Pick the platforms that make it easy to sell products to these users.

Identify Your Skills

The social media platform you choose should be appropriate for your skills and resources. For instance, if you have witty writers in your workforce, marketing on Twitter makes sense. Similarly, if your team consists of good videographers, creating accounts on Instagram or TikTok is ideal for your brand. Never refrain from seeking professional assistance on these matters. Visit to learn what social media platforms professional marketing experts recommend for your brand.

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