South Island in 4 Days: Things to See and Do

Published On December 27, 2017 | By William Thomas | Automotive

There really isn’t much that can compare to a road trip on the South Island of New Zealand. Especially when you go traveling in a campervan hire New Zealand. There is so much to do and so much to see, that you don’t want to miss out on having an experience of a lifetime.

New Zealand is made up of two islands, North Island and South Island. Both are beautiful places, but many love the South Island because of its plethora of national parks and gorgeous natural scenery. While one must get the chance to know both, if you have a limited time on this trip, consider making South Island a priority.

If you’ve never been to New Zealand’s South Island before and you only have four days to see it, you’ll want to set aside time for the best places. Following are some of our favorite South Island highlights:

  • Check out Fox Glacier. A gorgeous destination is a great idea for those who want to see a unique place on South Island. A special place in what is known as glacier country in New Zealand, it’s a place of majestic (and cold) beauty. Close enough to civilization that its easy to get to but also one of nature’s most impressive spots, Fox Glacier is a must for the New Zealand visitor who wants to see the most unique places. Full of gorgeous glaciers, a visit to Fox Glacier will reward you with a view of a glorious winter wonderland.
  • Go to Abel Tasman National Park. Step away from the cold and head to the sunny area of Abel Tasman National Park where you can be rewarded with a visit to the beach. With gorgeous cliffs, white sandy beaches, and gorgeous ocean views, what more could you ask for? Plus, there is a camping area for those who want to road trip in their campervan hire New Zealand. From cycling to hiking, as well as simply lounging around at the beach, you can be sure that it will be anything but boring for you.
  • Take a trip to Fiordland National Park. After getting your fill of Abel Tasman National Park, head onto Fiordland National Park where you’ll be rewarded with an experience unlike any other. Towering mountain peaks, gorgeous fiords, sparkling water, and fascinating hiking trails are all part of one of the most gorgeous national parks in New Zealand. Another amazing fact about this area is that there are waterfalls are all over the place making it even more gorgeous. It’s no surprise that Rudyard Kipling stated that it was the Eighth Wonder of the World. We couldn’t agree more. From hikes to boat tours through the fiords, this is a unique destination for the New Zealand traveler.
  • See Lake Tekapo. Are you in the mood for a lakeside getaway? There are several great lakes to visit in New Zealand, but Lake Tekapo just happens to be one of the most beautiful. With plenty of hiking trails for you to explore, charming architecture, and skiing spots as well, Lake Tekapo is a great idea for anyone who wants to have a mini-vacation no their vacation. While some of the national parks are more for adventurers who want to explore, Lake Tekapo offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a person who likes to adventure through the wild or you prefer to sip on wine or put on ski gear, it’s a good idea for any traveler.
  • Get some rest at Christchurch. Not far from Lake Tekapo lies Christchurch. This city has been through much, but continues to be a favorite place for many. With an urban feel and plenty of creative vibes for the artsy-minded traveler, Christchurch is a good idea for the city slicker traveling through New Zealand. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that it’s near the ocean. Whether you want to hike, go rafting, visit some wineries, or simply check out the best restaurants in the city, you won’t regret visiting Christchurch, if you’re already in the area. It’s only a few hours away from Lake Tekapo, so at least make a pit-stop to explore downtown if you can.


While there are plenty more must-see destinations in New Zealand’s South Island, these are some of the highlights to help you get started. If you only have 4 days to explore the island, make the most of it by putting the above-mentioned places on your map.

While you could possibly see more in 4 days while traveling in a campervan hire New Zealand, you also want to be able to enjoy the destinations with the time that you have. Why not make a visit to New Zealand something that you do regularly? This way, you can be sure that you’ll never miss out on any of its beauty!


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