Take Advantage of Disaster Restoration Franchise Opportunities in Gastonia NC

Published On April 23, 2018 | By William Thomas | Travel

When disaster strikes, people want to get back into their homes and businesses as quickly as possible. They want to resume their regular lives and work routines and feel as normal as possible. That is where disaster restoration franchise opportunities in Gastonia NC comes in. As a franchisee in this territory, you will be in a position to not only make a positive, tangible difference in the lives of people whose homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed, but you will be able to make a profit in the process.

Our company stands out from other disaster restoration services for one very important reason: we are a one-stop vendor for our clients. We handle the initial assessment of damage, clean-up, and then we reconstruct and rebuild whenever it is necessary. Clients do not have to work with various contractors to get the work done. We are there for them through the entire process.

We are also experts at working with property insurance companies so our clients don’t have to worry about having to figure out their claims paperwork at the same time that they are dealing with the clean-up and reconstruction of their property.

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Our average gross profit margins are about 43.5 percent, and our average contracts are invoiced out at nearly $1.5 million. The total investment you need to become a franchisee is between about $162,800 and $332,200. You’ll be investing in a multi-billion industry, and profit margins can be high. If you’re a qualified franchise owner with pre-existing infrastructure, you can take advantage of multi-unit development agreements as well, furthering your profit potential.

We have franchise territories available throughout the country, so you are likely to find one available where you want to work and live, whether that is near or far from your current location. Our territories have at least 280,000 people, and the upper limit on the size of a territory is one million people. Although there are likely to be many disaster restoration companies in your territory, you will likely be the only one that offers a comprehensive service to their clients.

You’ll help your clients with water and flood damage, fire damage, and even mold remediation. You’re their answer to getting life back to normal as soon as possible with a high attention to detail and quality.  Call us when you’re ready to take advantage of disaster restoration franchise opportunities in Gastonia NC.


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