What are gift cards?

Published On February 12, 2018 | By William Thomas | Business

Gift cards have proven to be a remarkable marketing strategy effective for luring in and retaining your customers. These are prepaid cards issued by the leading retailers and banks to their customers. They come with a preset monetary value and with them you don’t require any cash to pay for goods and services in select locations. These vouchers come with overly strict conditions. For instance, you can’t exchange the gift tokens for cash. You also can’t hold on to the cards that long as they have an expiry date. Fortunately, however, in recent times, consumers have the amazing option to sell gift cards NY for cash. That development has been made possible by outstanding pawn businesses like the NY-based, GEM Pawn Brokers.

GEM Pawnbrokers has dominated the billion-dollar valued gift cards industry for the last couple of decades. Today, the once miniscule pawn store has transformed into a behemoth award-winning company having well over 24 pawn stores in the Big Apple. GEM has made it remarkably convenient for New Yorkers to trade in their partially used or unused gift tokens at the most competitive resale values. New Yorkers don’t require to move long distances before stumbling upon one of the brand’s franchise outlets. The pawn brand has stores in the following NY locations:-

  • Manhattan
  • Long Island
  • Westchester
  • Queens
  • The Bronx

Accepted Brands

Doing business with GEM Pawnbrokers is without a doubt, a refreshingly unique and satisfying consumer experience comparable to none elsewhere in the Big Apple, judging by the testimonials and reviews about them. GEM’s customers are particularly enticed by the fact that they can trade in vouchers and gift cards from virtually all the established and upcoming US retail outlets and brands.

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Redeeming your gift token at GEM is a straightforward process that only takes 3 to 5 minutes, at most, to complete. Here are the 4 basic and simple steps when transacting with the award-winning pawnbroker, GEM:-

  • Find a GEM Pawnbroker listed store
  • Present your ID and the gift card
  • GEM makes you an offer
  • Get your cash

Asides cashing in cash tokens and gift vouchers, GEM has made quite the name for itself for providing other equally vital finance and consultation services to their ever-growing client base. Today, this agency established in the late forties specializes in the following vital finance and consultation services:-

  • Instant cash loans
  • Buying gold and silver
  • Real estate
  • Vehicle loans
  • Ecommerce


GEM Pawnbrokers’ name is synonymous with reliability, integrity, and quality in the sell gift cards NY market. Such admirable attributes have enabled the pawn brand to attain a license with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. The pawn franchise is also a proud member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. If you want to Sell Gift Cards NYC, contact Gem Pawnbrokers.


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