What Are the Most Common Premises Liability Injuries in Slip and Fall Accidents?  

Published On December 20, 2017 | By William Thomas | Business

You may have heard slip and fall accidents as frivolous attempts for someone to obtain money. To the contrary, most slip and fall accidents are quite serious and legitimate. In fact, many accidents that involve serious slips and falls lead to surgeries, bedrest, long-term health problems, and sometimes even permanent disability or death.

As a result, it is essential that you seek the help of a reputable slip and fall accident lawyer New York City if you have been in a slip and fall accident. Only a slip and fall accident lawyer New York City can help you get the monetary compensation you deserve for going through the traumatic experience of a slip and fall accident. Here are the most common premises liability injuries to look out for:

  • Spine, Neck, and Back Injuries

Out of all injuries that may result from slips and falls, spine, neck, and back injuries are some of the most common. These often coincide and can mean limited movement, surgeries, and sometimes permanent disability.

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  • Head Injuries

Some of the worst types of slip and fall accidents are head injuries. Not only can these injuries cause physical damage to the head, neck, and face, but they can also cause internal brain damage.

  • Torn Ligaments and Torn Tendons

Falling on your wrists or landing awkwardly on your knees or hands can cause serious problems and long-term ailments with ligaments and tendons. Certain tears may never heal.

  • Broken Bones

Broken bones are another common medical issue that slip and fall accidents cause. Much of the time, the hips or pelvis becomes broken because this is the area that individuals tend to fall directly on. In a situation where senior citizens break their pelvis or hip, this can mean months of bed rest and sometimes a long-term nursing home stay.

Dearie Law Can Help

If you have recently been in a slip and fall accident, you need to find a lawyer who can fight for the compensation you deserve. Not all slip and fall accidents require professional legal help. But many accidents can result in huge medical bills and health problems. Some individuals may even need to take time off from work, which can lose them wages and may even cause them to quit their job.

A slip and fall accident lawyer New York City can help you fight for your rights and get you the money you need to pay your medical bills, make up for lost wages, and reduce your pain and suffering. Dearie Law provides the best professional legal help for slip and fall accidents in New York City. Call today for a free consultation and to learn about your options.


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