How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

Published On March 8, 2018 | By William Thomas | Casino

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Everyone wants to take home the big jackpot and make all their dreams come true. You have bought a ticket every now and then, but haven’t picked up the lucky numbers. Have you ever wondered how the winners chose their numbers? Yes, it is true that sometimes their selection is random, but there are also Euro Lottery win0ners who put considerable thought into the numbers they chose for their winning lottery ticket. But, what tricks did they use? Here are some strategies you can use as per your preference when it comes to selecting your lottery numbers:

  • Selecting the birthday of family and friends

While this is a tried and tested method of choosing lottery numbers, you should remember that sticking to birthdays does limit the range of numbers to select. Birthdays can go as high as 31 as that’s the maximum number of days in a month, but five of the numbers that are most commonly drawn are higher than 31, which means you couldn’t have chosen them. Another fact to remember is that this trick is used by many people for number selection, which means that you may have to share your prize with someone if you win.

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  • Opting for overdue numbers

Another popular method that’s often used for selecting numbers for a lottery ticket is choosing those that haven’t appeared for a while. You can look at the recent winning tickets in American lotteries and then check what number hasn’t been chosen in the last couple of draws. Human intuition indicates that if something hasn’t happened for a while, then it probably will. However, this concept may make sense, but it doesn’t mean that it will apply to the lottery. Therefore, you have to weigh the pros and cons before choosing numbers.

  • Choosing your lucky numbers

This is also a common approach used by lottery players and is steeped in superstition rather than logic. Just like people have a favorite color, they are also drawn to certain numbers. But, here, you have to have enough lucky numbers for an entire lottery ticket. Adding other numbers may reduce your odds.

  • Going for the random selection

This is perhaps the best approach, as per experts. This isn’t because it increases your chance to win, but it actually increases your chances of winning more. When you select numbers based on a system that others may also use, there is a chance that you may eventually have to share your prize if you win. However, when the selection is absolutely random, it is less likely that others may have chosen the same.

  • Picking previous numbers

There is a surprising trend seen in the choice of lottery numbers; some people pick the same numbers as the previous winning ticket. This could be for the previous week or even previous month. This may not make a difference to your odds, but it makes the number selection easier for people.

Use any of these tricks and increase your chances of winning the lottery.   

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