How to use stools as a decoration element in homes

Published On December 23, 2019 | By William Thomas | Home Improvement

The stool is a piece of furniture that not only does not go out of style, but is increasingly used in the decoration of homes , as well as in hospitality establishments . The stool has gone from being an auxiliary or complementary element to other furniture to be a piece with its own entity, with many more uses than we can imagine.

The stool, by definition, is an individual seat without arms or backrest, which fulfills the same functions as a chair. The height of the stool depends on the use that is going to be given, but there are small stools, the height of a chair and even smaller, and high stools, such as hospitality stools and Molded plastic stools(เก้าอี้ บาร์ พลาสติก which is the term in Thai).

If there is a word that defines the stool as furniture is its versatility . They are usually used as a seat, such as a chair over a table, but other uses are also given. Here we show you some of them either as part of the hospitality furniture a business or as a decorative element in the home.

Stools as furniture elements

Stools have begun to be used, for example, as side tables . If the seat part is a flat part, it is used as a support table for a central table or is placed in those spaces where a table does not fit due to its dimensions and the stool itself. Even they are not always used as a side table but as a central table in very small spaces where the table-stool is used as support for a cup, a laptop, a book … In our catalog we can find this type of stools, such as the stool Tolix , the Ofer stool or the Ron model .

The versatility of low stools

In the houses the stools are beginning to be used as bedside tables , to support a small lamp or simply a book, the alarm clock or the mobile. Instead of having a bigger, more expensive furniture that requires more care, a stool is placed, which fulfills the same function and also gives a different touch to the room. In our catalog we find many examples of low stools that can be used perfectly as low chairs or bedside tables, such as Thonet , Sevilla , or Barra models .

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