Most Popular and Renowned Lotteries in the World

Published On July 25, 2018 | By William Thomas | Casino

Worldwide lotteries give people countless opportunities to try their luck and get a chance to take home a serious amount of cash. Online lotteries have turned out to be a huge boon for enthusiasts in countries where national lottery jackpots don’t reach massive amounts. This is because they have opened up new doors through which they can participate in the biggest lotteries in the world and get the opportunity to win millions and even billions in some cases. Are you also a lottery enthusiast? Are you wondering what lottery offers you the best prizes and the greatest odds?

There are some popular and renowned lotteries played in different parts of the world and they offer some exciting prizes and best chances. Do you want to know what they are? Take a look at some of the prominent ones:

  • The US Powerball

This is as big as lotteries can get and it became the game offering the biggest jackpot in the history of lotteries in 2016. This is when it awarded the prize of $1.5 billion. After the announcement of the win, people came forward to claim the huge amount in over a month. The US Powerball can be played in about 44 states in the country. Now, international players also have the opportunity of participate in this game and win. Players have to choose five numbers from a total of 69 and a Powerball number has to be chosen between 1 and 26. A Power Play option is also available that increases the size of prize tiers with the exception of the jackpot.

  • US Mega Millions

The second biggest lottery of the world also hails from the US and that’s not surprising at all. It is also a favorite of lottery fans all over the world because it has huge jackpots. Similar to Powerball, you can also play the USA Mega Millions online at the websiteor any other website. The rules of this lottery are quite straightforward; players have to select five numbers from a total of 75 as well as an additional number from 1 and 15.

  • EuroMillions

This is a European lottery and has launched a worldwide craze because of the great jackpots that it has offered over the years. The most spectacular EuroMillions jackpot was taken home by a lucky Portuguese winner, which was about 190 million Euros. Two other massive jackpots were given out to EuroMillions winners in the UK. Thus,EuroMillions has made people millionaires across all continents. Through this pan-European game, there have been 78 lucky winners from Spain, 83 lucky winners from France, 63 jackpot winners from the UK, 61 lucky winners from Portugal and 27 winners from Belgium. Regardless of location, you can also try your luck in this game.

  • SuperEnalotto

Italy’s lottery is known as SuperEnalotto and the game has been in play since 1997. In order to participate, you have to select six numbers from a total of 90 for every drawing. Not only does this game offer players some impressive jackpots, there is also the SuperStar optional pick offered by SuperEnalotto. While it doesn’t influence the jackpot, this option can change the prizes of lower tiers.

  • EuroJackpot

This is another pan-European game like EuroMillions and it is ranked as one of the biggest lotteries in the world due to the many great jackpots it has paid out over time. Participating in this game means that you get a minimum guaranteed jackpot of about 10 million euros and it can be rolled over again and again until it hits a cap of 90 million euros. The only way players can win is by matching five numbers from a total of 50 and two additional numbers from 1 and 10. There are 11 additional prize tiers along with the jackpot.

  • La Primitiva

It is the Spanish national lottery and is renowned worldwide due to its historic and impressive jackpots. It is also one of the oldest lotteries and its history can be traced back to 1763. La Primitiva was introduced as a royal initiative for the purpose of accumulating funds for the treasury. There have been some changes in the format, but this lottery’s popularity is not only high in the country itself, but also across Europe. The biggest jackpot paid out by La Primitiva is 100 million euros and it was paid out to a single player. The minimum jackpot is also guaranteed at three million euro.

  • Mega-Sena

Brazil is not just famous in the world because of its carnival. It also has one of the best lotteries in the world, which is known as Mega-Sena. Some of its excellent characteristics has made it popular, along with its large jackpots. It carries a minimum guaranteed jackpot of one million euros.

  • UK Lotto

The national lottery of the UK is called the UK Lotto and it didn’t take long for this particular game to become a favorite of lottery players all over the globe. All of the prizes of this lottery game are paid out in the form of lump-sums, which are free of any taxes. This can be a great benefit, especially when you win a huge sum.

  • El Gordo

This is a bit different from other lotteries that are mentioned above because it takes place only once in 12 months. It is the Spanish Christmas lottery and it gives out huge prizes and is one of the most-awaited events throughout the year. Every year, a four million euro prize is handed out and there is also a second prize of 1.25 million euros. There are also third and fourth prizes of 500,000 euros and 200,000 euros respectively. Seven additional prize tiers are included, other than the top prizes.

You can choose any of these lotteries and win huge prizes. There are other options too like the Gold Lotto has some of the biggest jackpots in Australia or you can also participate in the South Africa Powerball if you want.

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