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Published On August 7, 2018 | By William Thomas | Home Improvement

We have come a long way with the function, design and comfort in Murphy Beds since Charlie Chaplin made them famous. In 1916, Charlie Chaplin made a historic black and white silent film about his trials with a Murphy Bed. The movie, titled, One A.M., was Chaplin’s first solo movie, and made him and the Murphy Bed icons in American history. Created to make us laugh, Chaplin becomes desperate in his attempt to position the Murphy bed for sleep.  The Murphy Bed nearly becomes a character in the film, the audience is entertained, and One A.M. becomes a signature Charlie Chaplin film.

Who doesn’t love a Murphy Bed? The ease, elegance, and sheer ingenuity of a bed coming out of a wall is something that captures the kid and the designer in all of us. Wilding Wallbeds has taken things with Murphy Beds to a whole new level. Just to experience a Wilding Wallbed is to know art, design, function, and just plain fun! When you visit us on our website, you can see and enjoy all of the different Murphy Beds we offer, yet to actually experience the real deal, you just have to visit one of our four showrooms. It is in one of these locations that you can actually play with, touch, lay on, and decide for yourself that a Murphy Bed by Wilding Wallbeds is a thing you actually need in your own home. Luckily, we have expanded our locations for our showrooms.

If you live anywhere in southern California, and you are captivated by the idea of a Murphy Bed in your spacious home, small bungalow, lavish apartment, or tiny studio, it is worth the drive and visit to see what Wilding Wallbeds can do for you. We have showrooms in El Segundo, Chino Hills, and San Diego. Our professional staff in each of these locations will be so happy to meet you and show you the features, designs, and functionality of our beds; and you will make new friends as we strive to meet all of your expectations and show you all of the choices that are now yours in Murphy Beds. Also, if you live anywhere near St. George, Utah (a relatively short drive from many parts of Arizona, Nevada, and virtually anywhere from Utah) our staff in our flagship showroom will be thrilled to show you exactly what Murphy Beds are all about in the modern world.

A Murphy Bed For Everybody

Wilding Wallbeds has a Murphy Bed for any space, reason, or design you need, and also we have beds for most reasons you have never thought of. We offer a specific design for sleep clinics throughout the country. The custom cabinetry includes a comfortable bed, a complete examination station with a multi-position exam table, a computer station and a closet with drawers for patients overnight comfort. All of this fits comfortably in a 12’ by 10’ room.

We also offer power Murphy Beds that completely unfold from a small cabinet, ready to sleep on, with just the touch of a button; then fold up the next morning the same way. Murphy Bed bunk beds are a very popular product of Wilding Wallbeds as they provide multiple sleep options for cabins, guest rooms and childrens bedrooms and do not take up valuable living space. If your home is short on office space, dining room space, or guest room space, please visit us for a solution to all these issues. Our desk bed is the option that makes one room fit all of these needs.

The Studio Series is our most popular grouping of Murphy Beds and heading this acclaim is the Remington. Over the years, the Remington has been a stand out that customers offer unanimous positive feedback about. The classic lines of Shaker style with ogee hardwood crown molding, offered in all sizes from twin to king, makes this a bed that will remain in your home for a lifetime. When you are looking for a way to utilize a small space with a bed and design that is affordable and classic, the Remington is just what you want.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our beautiful and unique showrooms. We know that Wilding Wallbeds is the company to solve all of your Murphy Bed needs, plus a whole lot more.

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