Why People Are More ThreatenedBy Zika Virus& How to Treat it

Published On December 27, 2018 | By William Thomas | Health

In the last few years, the entire world has visualized the impact of Zika virus which resulted in various deaths. On one hand, where people are afraid of various viral infections, they are also unaware about the knowledge of Zika virus. So, below is the descriptive information about this virus which has affected a large part of the globe.

What is Zika Virus?

As the name signifies, Zika is a viral infection which is transmitted in the human body due to mosquitoes. This viral infection came in limelight after its impact was seen in the South Asian countries. Some of you can even compare it with the dengue, chikungunya, etc which is also a viral infection caused by the mosquitoes.

It is also known as mosquito-borne diseases as it is caused by the mosquito bite. Aedes mosquito is the major culprit that causes Zika infection.

How it is transmitted in Human Body?

Zika virus as mentioned earlier is a transmitted disease which is transferred from one person to another through a mosquito. The mosquito when bits an infected person received the virus which is then transmitted in other people. Apart from a mosquito bite, the zika virus is also termed as a transmitted disease which can be transmitted through sexual contact or even blood transfusion.

What are the Treatments of Zika Virus?

As there is not any antivirus discovered against Zika virus, there is only prevention that can be used to quit the effect of this virus in its initial stage. If the fever continues for more than a week, the patient needs to attend the doctor and undergo tests to find the possibility of Zika virus.

If found, proper prescription and precautions are given to stay protected and keeps others from getting infected. There are medicines which are prescribed to the patient, based on their current situation. Canadian Pharmacy Online platform is now available to provide all your prescription medicine via online platform.

What are the Preventions of Zika Virus?

The most important part of this content is how you can actually stay safe from this hazardous disease? Below are some important tips that you should always follow.

  • You should always keep your surrounding mosquito free. You should clean your surroundings regularly.
  • Prevent mosquito-borne area as the Zika virus generally grows in unhygienic areas.
  • Always use mosquito repellent whenever you move out of your home or you go for sleep.
  • Prefer to have a protected sexual contact with your partner, as it can even be transmitted through sex.

PS: During the phase of pregnancy, it’s really important to take intense precautions to protect your infant from the effect of Zika Virus. Intense care and protection are highly required for pregnant women to have a healthy baby.

So, these are the vital information that you all should know about Zika virus and spread the same knowledge with others. At present, the count of Zika cases has declined, but we all need to stay alert for the future and keep our plant free from such diseases.

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